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Sunday, November 13, 2005


The Streak had to end sometime. I didn't expect it to end in this fashion, though.

We got absolutely smoked by the visiting Thrashers on Saturday night, 9-0.

I picked a really good game to skip, and I've gotta say that this one would have tested my resolve to never, ever leave a sporting event until the final horn sounds. Sure, I do it all the time with minor league baseball games, but if you think people go to minor league baseball games to watch baseball, you're sorely mistaken. And they don't use a horn in baseball anyway, so I'm still good.

Also, the game wasn't televised locally, so I can't give much of a rundown.

We started "the Gerber baby" in net, but after he gave up a couple of early goals, he was lifted in favor of "the other Cam", Ward. In giving up seven goals on 33 shots, Cam was anything but "steady".

Fortunately, the second place Lightning, over whom we have a nine point lead AND two games in hand, were idle.

Up next, a trip to Ottawa for a Tuesday night tilt with the Senators, and their chance at redemption.

Today, it's football. I'll go down to Charlotte to watch the Carolina Panthers host the New York Jets. It's also my dad's 63rd birthday.


Michael said...

You know why this happened?

Andy "Hutch" wasn't playing!

d-lee said...

A-Hutch was a healthy scratch in each of the 9 consecutive games that we won.


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