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Friday, September 21, 2007

Fantasy hockey looking for a few more teams

I have a couple of fantasy hockey leagues set up over on Yahoo. The season is about to start and there are a couple of vacancies in one of the leagues.

To join, just go to the Yahoo fantasy hockey page, sign in (or start a free account) and use the following information to jump in:

league ID#: 12001
password: whalers

The on-line draft time is set for 8:00 pm (eastern) on Tuesday night. There are currently eight teams in and four spots open.
We're set up to have kind of a deep roster. The draft will be 25 rounds, and each team will start 20 players. EAch team will also have room for up to two players on injured reserve.

We will use head-to-head matchups and rosters are submitted once a week with the weeks starting on Mondays.

Your starting lineup will have
3 centers
1 left wing
1 right wing
4 wingers (right or left)
1 forward (any forward position)
6 defensemen
2 "utility" players of any position at all
2 goalies

5 players on the bench
up to 2 players on injured reserve.

Jump on in!

I make no promises, but there may be a prize of nominal value to the winner.

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