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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Explain something to me

Maybe I'm just a dimwitted southerner, but here's something I don't get. I would appreciate any help in this matter.

Chris Simon is still suspended, right? When he lost control against Ryan Hollweg last March, he was suspended for the remainder of the 2007 season and the playoffs. The length of the suspension was supposed to be "a minumum of 25 games", with the stipulation that if the 25 games was not served, it would carry over to this season.
He served 15 games in the regular season, and five in the playoffs for a total of 20 games. His suspension should not be over. To my knowledge, it hasn't been commuted, either. He should still have five games remaining on his suspension, then a possible reinstatement by Gary Bettman.
I realize that these preseason games aren't "actual" NHL contests, but I don't understand why he's allowed to participate. He participated and played a major role in the brawl on Lawn Guylund.

Am I alone in thinking that he shouldn't be allowed to play in pre-season games either?
And am I also alone in thinking that his involvement in the brawl should play an aggrivating role in his quest for reinstatement?

I didn't watch the game, so I can't possibly know all the details, but when I read about it and his high profile involvement in the brawl, I was very confused.

In the NFL, players who are under suspension when training camp opens don't play in preseason games. In extreme circumstances (read: Micheal Vick), they're told to stay away from any NFL facility. This should be the case in the NHL.

In this exact circumstance, Ted Nolan should have had the foresight to scratch Simon from the game. There was a lot of completely senseless aggression going on in a game that doesn't count for anything. Had Simon not been there, it probably wouldn't have happened.

Obviously, there would have been (and still will be) some bad blood between the Islanders and Rangers when they first meet on November 6 on Lawn Guylund, but that's a bridge that will have to be crossed when they get to it. By allowing the suspended player to participate in that preseason game, in that highly volatile situation, that was only asking for trouble.

I just don't get why the suspension doesn't also include exhibition games.


John said...

The Islanders as a whole played a very dirty game. They iced most of their regular roster while the Rangers put out mostly prospects and minor leaguers.

Since the Rangers are supposed to be a contender this year, their rivals are already gunning for them. It worked in this instance. The Rangers seemed to have the game in the bag until their goaltender took on DiPietro to even the odds in the big brawl and got kicked out of the game. The guy who replaced him is basically an ECHL goalie and the Rangers ended up losing.

So yeah, the Long Island Fishsticks took this game very seriously and there's no reason why Simon should have been allowed to play. As you said, the coach should have scratched Simon anyway, but I'm sure he wanted to tell the Rangers, "this is the kind of stuff to expect from us all season! We'll see you in the parking lot after the game!"

Charlie said...

i dont know why but...
it seems to be common practice. i am an oakland raider fan and dom. rohdes is suspended for the first four games of the season. he did play all of the preseason though (and looked really,REALLY good i might ad) the only thing i can think of is that preseason is thought of more as practice than an actual game. trust me, i would much rather his four games being served in preseason than regulare season. and in the case of simon i would rather his come in the regular season. you cant make him serve 10 games (5 preseason and 5 reg) so you have to hit him were it hurts.
thats all i can think of

John said...

"and in the case of simon i would rather his come in the regular season. you cant make him serve 10 games (5 preseason and 5 reg) so you have to hit him were it hurts."

That's a good explanation. But still, a player in Simon's situation should be suspended from playing during the preseason, but those games wouldn't count towards serving his suspension.


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