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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dallas Stars adopt NBA look

On Friday, the Stars unveiled their new sweaters. Theirs was probably the most drastic change of any so far.

The road whites saw little change. The logo is still the traditional star. Thankfully they did away with the ridiculous "the whole sweater is an oversized star" motif, which left the sleeves on the road sweaters with a lot of green. Since the NHL has suspended third sweaters this season, we don't have to look at the ridiculous female reproductive system logo anymore. The shoulders on the new road sweaters have the secondary (or is it tertiary?) "lone star state" emblem, which I've always liked.
Another change to the road sweater is that the player number is displayed in small numerals on the right shoulder (ala Buffalo Sabres '07). Several other teams have adopted this. My only beef with that is that it covers the spot where a Stanley Cup patch would traditionally go.

The home sweaters saw a massive overhaul. The green, which they brought with them from Minnesota, is gone. Truthfully, the "Dallas" green was a bit darker than the "Minnesota" green, but it was still green. Anyway, it has been supplanted with black. Not a Spinal Tap "None more black" kind of black. In the pictures I've seen, it's not quite as aggressively black as all that; it's quite a bit more subtle. If that makes sense.
Also, the logo has been removed and replaced with "DALLAS" in a slight arch, giving it an almost collegiate look. That feel is immediately washed away by the large numerals on the chest, where the team crest used to be. Suddenly, it looks like an NBA jersey. I'm pretty sure that I don't like this. The "lone star state" secondary logo, which used to be displayed on the shoulders of the home sweater, is gone. Now the shoulder logo for home sweaters is the traditional "Stars" logo.
Yes, I'm pretty sure that I don't like the Stars' new duds. I'll have to see it in action, though, to be sure.


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