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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Staalsy gets rowdy, spends the night in the clink

According to an article in the N&O, Eric Staal had a bachelor party, got drunk, got rowdy, yelled at some passing cars, and ended up in jail.
Eric was cited with disorderly conduct and "obstructing the legal process", whatever that is. 14 members of his party were also arrested, including the Penguins' Jordan Staal. Baby Staal was given an additional charge for underage drinking.

The group had rented out a space at a Minnesota resort, but was forced to leave after numerous complaints about noise. After they left, they lingered around Minnesota State Highway 61 and screamed at cars until 4 in the morning.

So basically, some guys at a bachelor party got rowdy. Who among us didn't get loud and obnoxious on the night of our bachelor party?

Neither Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford nor Staal's agent Rick Curran sees any need for concern. Rutherford:
"If there's more information as time goes on, we'll certainly follow it along as to the seriousness of the matter. If it is what I've been told it is, I don't see it being an issue."

Curran called it boys being boys:
I have no doubt there were probably a couple kids lipping off or something like that. Frankly, that goes with the territory. You get that many a group of kids together, somebody is going to say something stupid."

Curran further stated that the misdemeanor charges will probably be dismissed.

If the Minnesota SBI or the FBI finds out about the Staal gambling ring, there could be some serious trouble. More serious than that NBA ref. But for now, this is just a case of a rowdy bachelor party. Nobody got shot, nobody had to be tasered, there were no dog or cock fights.

Ed Belfour was not available for comment.

It's a slow, slow summer when this is what I have to write about.

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