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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rangers strike twice

The Rangers landed TWO of the marquee free agent forwards within 12 minutes of one another.

First they signed Scott Gomez to a seven-year $51.5M contract.

Then they turned right around and won the Chris Drury sweepstakes with a five-year, $35.25M contract.


Added to that, the Flyers added SteveJASON "own goal" Smith and Joffrey Lupul from Edmonton in exchange for Joni Pitkanen and Geoff Sanderson.

Say hello to the new Atlantic Division!

Now that Briere and Drury are gone, and the marquee FAs have been gobbled up (don't forget about Jason Blake signing with the Leafs), what the heck are the Sabres gonna do? Put the weight of the team on Drew Stafford's shoulders?


DrFrankLives said...

we're screwed

Anonymous said...

too much for Gomez - give me Cullen for way less $ any day. Gomez will score 15 goals with 40 assist next season, is that worth 7 million?

John said...

Look at Nylander's numbers before hooking up with Jagr. Not too impressive.

Now look at Gomez's numbers. He's good for 60-80 points a season on a defense-oriented team. Imagine what he'll be capable of playing on a line with one of the greatest scorers in history. I think Gomez will score closer to 25 goals and 60 assists next season.

Are Gomez, Briere, and Drury worth $6-7 million? Well, that's subjective. This year, they were. I wonder if salaries will continue to escalate like this.

magnolia_mer said...

I haven't given up on our prospects for getting a good D-man before the season starts. Let the other teams throw around the sick money - we've got our talent and just need to fill a hole or two. I'd like to see the Canes make a profit again someday.

DrFrankLives said...

you'd like to see a profit. I'd like to see a D-man who is under 45 and can skate - preferably on BOTH legs.

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