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Thursday, July 19, 2007

RBH turns 2!

Wow. I didn't even realize it, but Red and Black Hockey just turned two.

On Tuesday, this blog hit the two year milestone. I guess I got distracted by the whole Matt Cullen story, and I kinda forgot my own birthday. Geez.

In those two years, it amazes me that I've had 95,281 visits. In my first year, my readership rose significantly during the Hurricanes run to the Stanley Cup, and I saw a HUGE spike the day after game 7.

This past season, my Hurricanes couldn't buoy my readership with another playoff run, but I held my own. My piece on little Elgin-Alexander Fraser was this season's answer to game 7. It marked just the second time that I've had 900 or more visits in a single day. I know that's small stuff, but I'm proud.

Once again, I'd like to thank the many regular readers for continuing to stop by. I'd also like to thank the many who served as inspiration to me and the many who have offered encouragement.

Now I'm gonna have some cake.


Bubba said...

Congratulations and good work, David!

WufPirate said...

Yes, sir congrats on your milestone. I can always count on RBH to break a story or provide some insightful look at my Canes.

Also, you've got the best banner of anyone around. (i kid, i kid)

Bill Purdy said...

Good work, David! And congratulations, pal.

magnolia_mer said...

Happy Birthday, R&B!!!!

Chris said...

Nice. I'll be joining you in the two year mark come early November.

Kevin said...

Congrats, D-L. Ever since I discovered this here hockey blogosphere you have been a top-five read for me.

Best of luck in everything you do!

CasonBlog said...

I missed marking my two-year anniversary as well. Congrats David. Still at the top of your game.

Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

My birthday gift, a 2-year old hot dog with cheese. It's been sitting in the fridge for a looooong time.


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