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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Carolina could make big move today.

There's been some speculation all summer, and there's an article in todays N&O suggesting that Matt Cullen could make a return to the Hurricanes. After the Chris Drury deal, the Rangers don't have it in their budget to keep Cullen, and are rumored to be looking to dump him and his $2.8M salary.
Cullen was the player most missed from the Cup winning team in 2006, and the barometer used whenever Carolina looked for a third line center. Last week, Carilona signed Jeff Hamilton to fill that role, but he'll likely move down to the fourth line if Cullen returns.
Also, yesterday the N&O had an article about Erik Cole's lingering pain from his broken neck. The article pointed out that Cole will never regain complete mobility in his neck, and he'll always have pain. This was believed to be a mitigator for a "major trade" that a certain rumor monger has been talking about involving Carolina. I don't really buy any of that talk concerning trading Cole away, but we'll see.


DrFrankLives said...

They trade Cole, they can have my tickets back.

The Acid Queen said...

If JimR trades Cole, he's making a huge mistake. Huge mistake.

ESPECIALLY if he trades him for a spare part.

Milton Waddams said...

If they take my Erik Cole then I'll set the RBC Center on fire...I could put strychnine in Jim Rutherford's guacamole...

DrFrankLives said...

We got Matty. for Hutchinson, a prospect and a 3rd round pick.


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