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Friday, March 30, 2007

Mission: impossible

The Carolina Hurricanes have their back against the wall. They are three points out of a playoff spot with five games to play. It's not officially over, but a loss against Tampa tonight would be their death knell. A regulation win tonight would put both the Bolts and the Hurricanes at 86 points. Since the Bolts would own the tiebreaker, Carolina will need to pass them in the standings to get to the second season.

The thing that could help Carolina a lot is that they've got two of their next three games against the Bolts. Carolina has gone 3-2-1 against the Bolts thus far. Win both remaining matchups, and they'll likely pass Tampa in the standings. Lose either of them in regulation, and it's over.

Carolina also has two games against Florida. The good news there is that Carolina has owned the Panthers, going 5-1 against them this season.

Carolina has one game against Atlanta, against whom they've gone 4-2-1 this season.

Puck drop tonight will be at 7:30. By 10:00, I will either be holding onto some remaining hope, or I will be fully on the Canucks bandwagon.

Speaking of Canucks, Jack "JFJ" Johnson made his NHL debut last night for the Kings in a 4-2 loss to the Canucks in Staples Center. He had 23 shifts for 18:45 of ice time, took one shot, dished out two hits. He did not commit any penalties, nor did he figure into either of the Kings' goals. I think he missed an American History quiz.

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