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Monday, March 19, 2007

Canes take a few days off after beating Brodeur

On Saturday, the Canes did what few teams have been able to do this season. They solved Marty Brodeur. In fact, they chased him from the game, scoring four goals on their first 12 shots. With the score 4-0 midway through the second, Brodeur left. The Canes went on to rout the Devils 7-2 to split the home-and-home.

Just two days prior, the same two teams met in the RBC Center with the Devils emerging with a 3-2 victory. I didn't have time to write about it, or the back end of that home-and-home due to a very hectic work schedule.

During the first second intermission of the home game, my friend Bill and I argued the usefulness of Chad LaRose. I said that I like him, that I've always liked him, and he should be given the ice time that he gets. Bill doesn't think he deserves to play while a more skilled Anson Carter rides the pine. I agree that Carter is more talented, but I don't think the fourth line is the right place for Carter. On Saturday, that problem was solved when Trevor Letowski was scratched, Carter played on the third line and LaRose played center on the fourth line. After the shift from wing to center, LaRose had the best game of his NHL career, notching two goals. The first was an absolutely gorgeous pump fake followed by the slapper from the left dot that beat Brodeur on the short side. The pump fake was so good that I actually thought it was a long rebound.

His second goal was almost the same, but on the right dot and to Clemmensen's short side.

He earned first star props for his two-goal effort.

In that game, Carolina shut down the Devils' power play, and now they've allowed just one pp goal over the last nine games. On their own end, they managed to score two power play goals. Hopefully, this will kickstart that special teams unit while the PK keeps on keepin' on.

Carolina will have its second four-day vacation this week. They won't play again until Thursday night at home against the lowly Capitals. In the meantime, some of the teams with games in hand will be playing those out.

After the Caps, the Canes will be entertaining the Sharks, who haven't been to Raleigh since the 2003-04 season. That will be the culmination of a very long superfunday. My second in as many weeks. More on that later.


Anonymous said...

Not sure that I would agree with your assertion that Rosie centered the 4th line. Seems to me like he was promoted to 3rd line, Big Joe was demoterd to 4th line and Anson Carter was given some charity time. Walker and Ladd (memory failing me?) are not 4th line players.

Bill Purdy said...

While it's pretty clear both on the 'Canes message boards and in real life Chad LaRose fans are legion... and while I'll agree he's short and small and plays hard and (to some folks, mostly the short and small) inspirationally... and while he appears to be enough of an all-around nice guy I'd let him babysit my kid now and again... I think his fans are conveniently ignoring Sharpie's lack of, you know, points production this season. Given the amount of ice time he's had (and scoring opportunities he hasn't finished... again and again and again), he should have four times as many points as he has so far.

And if it took all of a switch to center for the real Chad LaRose to come out of his shell, then why did it take the 'Canes coaching staff 70+ games to figure that out? I thought they were the hockey geniuses around here. Where's the outrage, people? Our coaches probably cost us 10 wins and the SE Division championship with this feckless blunder.

LaRose has one multi-goal game and he's suddenly the savior in our midst... and I'm suddenly taking cover from LaRose fans tossing tomatoes my way.

It's tough being a realist.


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