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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Canes lose third straight

Carolina chose not to accept their mission. Instead, they shit the bed, then wallowed around in it.

Carolina was getting the help that they needed. Buffalo beat the Islanders and Ottawa beat Montréal. However, when it came time for Carolina to take care of their own business, they failed.

Carolina lost 4-2 to the visiting Bolts and since they have lost three games in a row, they now find themselves in a very unsavory position. Barring an astronomically improbable turn of events over the last four games, Carolina will be watching the playoffs on TV. They'll be trading their skates for cleats and their sticks for clubs. They'll be laying around eating Cheetos and Captain Crunch, drinking grape soda and going to the swimming pool.

Erik Cole and Tim Gleason were the only players to show up for the Canes tonight. Gleason's name won't show up on the scorecard, but he played really well. Cole had one of the goals and was all over the ice all game long. Good on these guys for giving their all. Clearly, not many wearing red were giving anything close to "their all".

I will still care whether Carolina wins their remaining games, and I will still go to my last game (next Saturday), and I will still cheer them on, but, it's over.


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