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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Carolina waxed by Philly, season likely done

On Wednesday night, the Hurricanes had a golden opportunity to rebound from Tuesday's poor performance because they were playing the League's worst team. They were playing a team that gives up nearly four goals per game and had only won EIGHT home games all season long. The perfect chance to get back on track and assert themselves in the hunt for the eighth and final playoff spot. However, they failed to show up for the second straight night and they were decimated by a really bad team. The final tally was 5-1, but like the game on Tuesday, it wasn't even that close.

With five games to play, and Carolina three points out of eighth place, this pretty much seals the deal. I would say that unless Carolina runs the table AND gets some help from the likes of Toronto, Montréal and Tampa, they will be defending the Stanley Cup from Pinehurst #2.

I was supposed to work tonight, but I got off really early and found myself in a bar that I almost never enter. I'm friends with the managers, and it was on the way from work to the parking lot, so I poked my head in. The general manager bought me one beer, the kitchen manager bought me another. I then felt compelled to go home, clean up and make my way back there for dinner. I ended up, actually, watching the Sabres-Devils game with a native Buffalonian whom I had never met before. It all started when the dude said "Hey, I know you're a 'Nucks fan, but do you mind if they put on the Sabres game?" At which point I had to explain my brand new Canucks hat.

That game was way more exciting than the garbage that Carolina put out on the ice in Philly. One goddamn goal?!?

There's still a slim chance that Carolina could qualify for the playoffs, but I just don't see it happening. They've been outscored 11-2 in the last two games, and they've looked really bad. I wish like hell that I could root for the Sabres, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

The hat. Recently, I decided that I really really needed to buy a new Canes hat. The ones they have in the team gift shop don't really work out for me. I have to order on-line to get what I really want. Lids.com was running a BOGOHO special (so was NHL.com for that matter), so I went ahead and decided to get a 'Nucks hat while I was at it. Those dreams had led me to the conclusion that I'm a closet Canucks fan, and I already said a couple of weeks ago that I would endorse the Nucks, so I figured I needed a ballcap.

I am still, and always will be, a Canes fan first and foremost. But for now....

... Go Nucks!


Pyronite said...

My allegiance is to PAVEMENT!

The Acid Queen said...

Bubba's my choice, if the 'Canes don't make it to the dance.

We'll see.

Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

Well, many Canucks fans are bandwagoners. Welcome to the club.

William said...

Don't count the 'Canes out yet! We've been good in the division and Tampa is struggling as badly as we are. The Habs, Leafs, Rangers et al. all have tougher games left than we do imo.
If we lose to the 'Ning on home ice tomorrow we're done. But if we win we're right back in it.
Keep the faith!


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