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Friday, February 23, 2007

"Ole Tarantula Head" a Cane

The other day, and the other month, and the other year, I wrote about how I wouldn't mind seeing Anson Carter in a Canes uniform. Of course there were other times (read: during the lockout) when I said that I didn't like him. Then, of course there was that time that he showed up in my weird dream.
Today, I got my wish. Anson Carter is a Hurricane.

During the summer when I was talking hockey with a friend at work (who hails from "The Cape" and is a lifelong Bruins fan) and I mentioned that Anson Carter was still available and might be a nice fit. He had to bring up some old shit. As soon as I mentioned Carter, he said, "Yeah, but don't you guys hate him?" After I gave a puzzled look, all he had to say was "1999". I remembered "that goal" he scored against us in game 5 of the first round of the playoffs in 1999. Double overtime, a heartbreaking loss. It killed any chance the Canes had of advancing in the playoffs. That, by the way, was the first NHL playoff game I ever attended. It was the last time any of us saw Steve Chiasson in person. Those were some hard times for the Hurricanes franchise.

I assumed we'd have to give away a defenseman and a pick to get the veteran winger, but as it turns out, it wasn't that difficult. The Canes only give up a fifth round pick in 2008. With plenty of cap room, the Canes can afford to do this.

The Hurricanes website already has Carter listed on the roster, and apparently he'll wear 77. He'll be available tomorrow when the Canes travel to Philips Arena to take on second place Atlanta.

More later.

1 comment:

Drew said...

I was kind of hoping you'd have to give away a defenseman to get him, as well. But that's the beauty of trading with Doug MacLean.

Hopefully he works out well for you guys. Good luck down the stretch.



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