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Friday, February 02, 2007

Canes struck by Bolts

On Thursday night, the Hurricanes lost to the visiting Lightning 4-0. The game wasn't televised on Canes TV and I don't have Center Ice, so I listened to the first period on the radio before heading out for Scrabble night. I'm glad I didn't have to see that garbage.

Carolina has now lost three games in a row and has been outscored something like 873 to 3 in their last three games. Sure, Carolina's blueline is still a bit banged up, but Eric Staal, Justin Williams, Ray Whitney, Rod Brind'Amour are all healthy and are not doing anything to give this team any offensive punch. They just look like those losers we know and love from the 2002-03 season. And when I say "they", I don't mean to single out Brindy, Viva, Whitters and Staalsy. I mean their whole lot. The whole 24 of them.

The team went ahead and sent out the invoices for the playoffs complete with pricing plans for the entirety of the playoffs. Last season, they made waves by announcing very low prices for rounds one and two, then blindsiding everyone with unannounced huge increases for rounds three and four. This time, we'll know about it well in advance. However, this team has absolutely no chance of making it past the first round, and the way they look right now, they'll be lucky to make the playoffs at all. I'm most likely going to exercise my right of refusal on that seat for the playoffs.

To borrow from the late Herb Brooks, this team gets worse and worse every day, and right now they look like it's the middle of next week.

There was some marginally good news, though. Atlanta also lost their game, which means Carolina didn't lose any ground in the standings.

Saturday, the Canes will wrap up the homestand with a late game against the Bruins. Due to an afternoon basketball game in the RBC Center, the puck will be dropped at the unusual time of 8:30 pm eastern. Remember, the "Buy me a beer" challenge is still going.

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