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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Canes to make move today?

The word on the street is that the Hurricanes are going to make a move to add some NHL depth to their top nine forwards. Possibly today.
According to articles in the News & Observer, the idea is to deal off a "low-level prospect" or a draft pick in exchange for a top nine forward. I'm not sure that such a maneuver can be pulled off without giving up more than that, but the Canes are hurting bad up front and the time is nigh. Viva is done for the season and Matt Cullen is going to be a while before he's right.

Also, the Canes are indicating that they want to seriously go after a puck-moving defenseman in the trade market. One I've been buzzing about all along, J-M Liles, should be available at the deadline, and the Canes wouldn't have to give up much.

I can't even begin to predict any forwards who the Canes have on their list, but I imagine we might know in a few hours.

The Hurricanes will be playing the Bruins tonight, with or without a newcomer.

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