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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Adams Family reunited again (sort of)

The "Adams Family" of Craig Adams and Kevyn Adams played together for almost five seasons in Carolina. They are not related to each other, nor are they related to TV's "The Addams Family". According to legend, Gomez Addams (two Ds) was born Adams (one D), but changed the spelling of his name to avoid confusion with "that other prominent Adams family" from which two US Presidents emerged.

During the abysmal 2006-07 season, Kevyn was traded to Poenix for Dennis Seidenberg. During this past summer, the Coyotes traded K-Ads to Chicago for Radim Vrbata, who is former teammate of Adams with the Hurricanes. One month into this season, Kevyn tore the ACL and the MCL in his left knee, and will most likely be out for the remainder of the season.

Craig Adams (aka "Hands of Feet") was drafted by the Whalers. He spent his entire career as property of the Hurricanes. There was a one month period in the summer of '05 when he was with the Ducks, but before the regular season began, he was traded back to Carolina. Last week, he was traded to the Blackhawks for "future considerations".

Kevyn Adams was a fan favorite. He took time for the kids, he worked really hard, and even though he was never the most productive, he was one of the hardest working guys. Craig Adams wasn't exactly a "fan favorite". He brought tenacity to the table, and would never hesitate to drop the mitts to protect his teammates. His skills were lacking, and he didn't have the Chad LaRose work ethic to make up for it. Still, he was a familiar fixture. People just accepted the fact that Craig Adams was a Hurricane and he was somewhat of a "company man".

Until last week.

Canes GM Jim Rutherford promised that he would shake up the team in an effort to get the ship headed in the right direction. Rumors were flying (and are still flying) that some of the big name players might be traded. I don't think that's in the works. Yet. He wants to scare the players into thinking that their jobs aren't secure. The demotion of John Grahame was meant to send a message. The trading of Adams was another message.

The Adams trade served two purposes. It said that not even a "company man" was safe. It also, as many are suspecting, was a gesture towards the Blackhawks for Sergei Samsonov. They are paying half of what's left on his salary, and the Canes are already getting better production out of him in six games than they did in half a season. I don't think there are any "future considerations", and that's fine.

So, Craig "Hands of Feet" Adams is playing the part of George Jones and Kevyn is playing the part of Tammy Wynette. They're, um.. "Together Again". Kevyn is done for the season, so they won't play together this season, but if they both stay next year, they might like their fourth line Adams Family.

On Friday night, I tuned in to watch some of the Blackhawks game against the Avalanche, just so I could see CrAdams in his new uniform. One of the first things I saw was him getting absolutely Phaneufed by Marek Svatos in the third period. Welcome to the Western Conference!

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evan said...

David-did you create the "hands of feet" nickname? Funny...


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