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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hurricanes beat up, but still know comedy

After sustaining a slew of injuries on a three game road trip, the Canes flew home for a four game homestand starting with a back-to-back this weekend. On Friday they'll host the Thrashers, and on Saturday the Panthers will be in town.

On Monday, Erik Cole suffered a neck injury after colliding with Florida goalie Tomas Vokoun. He left the game with 7:32 remaining in the third and was at the Cleveland Clinic when Cory Stillman scored the game-winner with a little more than a minute remaining. Initial CT scans were negative, Cole was cleared to fly, and all reports were that he was "okay". Upon returning home, team doctors took a look at him, and have ruled him out for 7-10 days. They want to make sure that he has a full range of motion and that the stiffness and swelling in his neck go away. Given that he is only about 20 months removed from his C-5 compression fracture, this is to be expected. Frankly, I'm surprised that he got off that easily. The collision with Vokoun looked pretty bad, and we're all breathing a sigh of relief that he didn't sustain a serious injury.

On Wednesday night, Bret Hedican took a puck to the jaw, which left him woozy and with a puffy face. Later, Craig Adams got pummeled in a fight with Doug Janik and he probably had to get stitched up. Hedi and Adams both practiced on Thursday and are said to be no worse for the wear.

Good news is that Andrew Ladd has been participating in full practice, and is likely a "go" for Friday. Nic Wallin is getting close, but will be out for a little while longer. Scott Walker has been skating, but is not cleared for contact. Although not immediate, this signals an eventual return. All good news.

Now for the comedy.

In my in-box today was "a special message from Chad LaRose". A video promoting the "player figurine" giveaway that will be done on November 28 against the Flyers. The first in a series of four, the Rod Brind'Amour figurine looks nothing like the actual Rod, and the way "mini-Rod" is hoisting the Cup is nothing like what the real Rod did when he hoisted it. Us Canes bloggers are in agreement that these figurines look like crap.

The Sliding Pokecheck has posted the video message, which has made me laugh about a million times. You should definitely check it out. It looks like this video was dreamed up, scripted and filmed in a span of about nine minutes. Chad clearly has the script in his hand, and did nothing to prepare other than throw a ballcap on. He's doing all he can to not burst into laughter as he mockingly holds the figure and says "I picked mine up the other day, I put it on the shelf in my bedroom, and I look at it every single day".
I laughed. I cried. It's just a wee bit cooler by the inclusion of "Praise You" by Fatboy Slim as the background music.


Bill Purdy said...

Yeah, the LaRose thing STILL has me giggling. It's absolutely brilliant stuff: the reverently mocking tone (if such a thing exists), the neck beard (what... he couldn't even shave before filming?), and -- yes -- the script LaRose is actually holding in his hand during the performance.

I think what surprises me most is how well he pulls it off. Most hockey players on scripted television come off as illiterates. LaRose comes off like the next Brian Williams -- i.e., delivering high comedy from a truly unexpected source.

I think I might actually enjoy his company if I ever met him. And that's saying a lot.

John said...

You know, when Chad LaRose says he keeps a Brind'Amour figure on his shelf and looks at it every day, I believe him!

The Acid Queen said...

Superman wears Rod Brind'amour pyjamas. ;)

I still laugh my ass off whenever I watch that video, because that is frickin' priceless. :)

WufPirate said...

Our take on the figurines. Chad LaRose is my hero

magnolia_mer said...

I have met Chad LaRose and he's a lot like that in person. Dry wit, with emphatic delivery. I howled over this.


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