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Saturday, November 03, 2007

don't forget to set your clocks, dvrs

Today marks the end of Daylight Savings Time in the United States and Canada. Set your clocks back one hour when you go to bed tonight. Officially, the change takes place at 2:00 am Sunday. Don't forget. If you forget, you'll be an hour early for whatever you do on Sundays.

Also, remember to set your DVRs. Tonight's game between the Kitties and Hurricanes isn't carried by Carolina's TV network, so you'll have to find Florida's feed as "game 5" in your Center Ice package.

Who am I kidding? Everyone will be watching Leafs against Habs on HNIC.

Anyway, Carolina will be looking to exact revenge agains the Kitties for what happened Wednesday. I say they'll get it.

Crucial to this game is shutting down Olli "Cane Killa" Jokinen. He has tallied 19 points (8/11) against Carolina in the last 9 meetings. His domination of the Canes is way more pronounced than Erik Cole's domination of the Habs. Except that of those nine games, Carolina won seven.

Eric Staal has a four game point streak. Ray Whitney and Matt Cullen each have a five game streak going, and Cory Stillman has a six game streak.

Johnny Crackers will be starting in nets for the Hurricanes while Craig Anderson will get the nod for the Kitties.

Florida beat Buffalo last night, and did not practice today. Carolina will hope to come roaring out of the gates to take advantage of the weary visitors. They will hope to keep their foot on the throttle for the entire game.

Tim Peel and Bill McCreary will be the referee tandem.

One third thing to make sure you do. Watch or record Saturday Night Live. Feist will be playing. If her appearances on other shows are a barometer, she'll play "1234", and will have a chorus of people on stage with her from Broken Social Scene and Grizzly Bear and some other cool folks too. I imagine she'll also play "My Moon My Man". If you get the chance to see her live, do it. It's also fun to watch her on TV.


Anonymous said...

wanted to bring something up that i think someone should spotlight. just a thought but i think that american hockey has just taken a nice step forward. the NHL Network has been released in the U.S. ive seen the channel for a few weeks w/ nothing on it. i woke up this morning and figured id just check and sure enough its on. hell yeah

Bill Purdy said...

So... who joined Feist onstage at SNL?

Makes sense Sufjan would be there, playing banjo (and generally making the performance sound like a SS remix) since he was in Brooklyn to perform "BQE." And I think the long haired dude is Rob Baker from the Tragically Hip. But I can't figure out who the backup singers were.

Any clue?


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