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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Changes coming

Although season tickets won't be mailed out for another two weeks, I've checked the status of mine, and there's going to be a change this season.

Since the second half of the 2002-03 season, I've had mini-season ticket plans with a seat somewhere in section 112. I love it there. I've moved around four times within that section, but I haven't strayed. I've gone to a random game here and there where I sat somewhere else, but section 112 of the RBC Center has been my home away from home. I know a lot of the regulars, and I love the view from there. This year, it's going to be a little different.

At my request for "closer to the ice rather than on the aisle", my ticket rep was certainly able to do that. I'm in the fifth row. However, in order to get that, I had to move all the way over to section 113. It's not very far. Just a few feet, really. Actually, this will put me right behind a guy who lived across the street from me 30 years ago. That makes me feel old to say that.

As usual, the Canes are offering some trade-in dates. Season Ticket Holders can turn in an unused ticket for a ticket to a different game. This year, they're also giving each STHer vouchers for free tickets. With the package that I have, I get two vouchers. There are a couple of games that are blacked out, but for the most part, the only restriction is that they must be redeemed at least two days before the game. This is a nice gesture by the team to mitigate the price hikes.

So I'll have to get used to some new neighbors and a slightly different vantage. I'm up for it. Since I will once again be extremely close to the ice, I may start taking game photos again. I'd like to buy a new camera, but that's a whole nother pot of stew that I don't need to start cooking just yet.

Speaking of change, there will be some changes here at RBH in the coming weeks. You'll know when we get there.

It looks like Tim Gleason will also be undergoing a change. He'll be wearing Bret Hedican's old number. I'll no longer have to hold my breath when I see #6 climbing over the boards. This will be Timmy's third different number in as many seasons with Carolina. I wouldn't plunk down any cash for a Gleason 6 sweater, as he's liable to change again next season.

Another change will certainly come in the way of who wears the As. Eric Staal and Ray Whitney will be wearing them. For the past couple of seasons, Carolina has used three Alternates in rotating fashion. The NHL regulates that a team can have one Captain and up to two Alternates in the lineup, or, if the Captain is out of the lineup they may have three Alternates. Anyway, Glen Wesley has been one of the Alternates forever, and Carolina may name a defenseman to be the third Alternate. Tim Gleason is the only guy who could fit into that role. The other guys are either too new, or too quiet (Wallin) or can't speak English to save his life (Kaberle). Since one of the functions of the Alternate is to speak with the referees, speaking English is pretty crucial.


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