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Monday, September 01, 2008

Caniac Carnival September 21

On Sunday September 21, the Hurricanes will be hosting the ninth annual "Caniac Carnival" to kick off the season. Full details are here. In addition to the normal stuff -- live music, autograph sessions, interactive games, kiddie inflatable games, Stormy, the Storm Squad, and a red-white scrimmage, the Hurricanes will officially unveil their third sweater, which will make its on-ice debut on October 13 against the Red Wings. This event starts at 10:00am and will last until 2:30, followed by the scrimmage at 3:00. Parking, the Carnival, and the scrimmage are all free.

Earlier in the summer, I read that the sweater would be unveiled at the Carnival, but not available for sale until a few days later. However, I have heard that it will be available for sale on the 21st. I've saved up enough dough to pay for one. The question is simply whose name and number. I have a Williams home sweater and a defunct Vasicek home sweater. I'm not really interested in getting a Brind'Amour or a Staal. Those are too common. However, there's no safer bet than a Staal. He's not getting traded, and he's not going to have a crummy season. Also, it's a sure thing that those will be fully stocked. Still, I'm considering LaRose and Samsonov. I'm even considering Corvo.

Anyway, I was reading Behind the Jersey today, which was the impetus for this post. It seems the Red Wings are throwing a two-day Fan Fun Fest similar to the Caniac Carnival. The first day is open to season ticket holders only, and the second day is open to the public at a cost of $5 a head.

Christy alluded to a three-day "convention" put on by the Blackhawks (and sponsored by the Ferrara Pan family of candies) this summer. They sold out the event at -- get this -- $50 a head. Free is awesome. I'd happily pay $5, but $50 is a little much. For that, I'd expect Stan Mikita to take me out for pizza and beer afterwards.

As an aside, I'm completely befuddled by the "Chewy Atomic Fireball". What? Chewy? That's just wrong. Fireballs aren't chewy. You're supposed to break a tooth if you attempt to chew a Fireball. I'm no candy head (I am, after all, a grown man), but I love Atomic Fireballs. I'm as disgusted by this as I am by Chocolate Skittles. And Gus Van Sant's disgraceful redux of Psycho. Those are all wrong. Just wrong.

Okay... I'm off my soapbox now.

I don't know who else is going, but the 21st is a Sunday, and I plan on being at the Carnival. Whoever wants to meet up, just give me a holler.


Bill Purdy said...

Chocolate Skittles? Gross.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you

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