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Thursday, July 31, 2008

horrible looking third?

Today, the good folks over at Icethetics were able to present some visual representation of the third sweater desriptions given by Toronto Maple Leafs beat writer and pal of Eklund Howard Berger.

Keep in mind that the image you see is only an artist's rendition of a questionable description given by an unreliable source.

If the desription that Berger gave is accurate, and this rendition is a fair rendition of what he saw, I've gotta say that it looks horrible. There's no way in the world that I'm going to shell out a hard earned $200 or so to get one of these. There is nothing good about this rendition. The stars are crap. The white triangle is crap. The traditional logo inside that white triangle is crap. The sleeves look halfway decent, but the rest of it is crap.

I'm hoping that Berger's account was completely wrong, and the forthcoming thirds feature the "storm warning" secondary logo on a black background. No white triangle and no stars.

We won't know for sure until September 21, but I'll tell you right now that I hate the way that rendition looks.


Bill Purdy said...

The logo mod, which to me is deeply unimaginative, is something I could nonetheless be swayed to eventually... well, understand if not outright embrace. But the stars are an abomination, especially in our division -- they belong on Capitals' sweaters and no other teams'.

DrFrankLives said...

I think they would probably use the triangle that is currently below the alternate logo (which is the Triangle on a map), not a perfect equilateral triangle.

Still. though, that's butt ugly.

And I agree with Bill re: the stars.

Bubba said...

If that's it, they could have done much better than that.

John said...

Stormy jumping out of the ice like on that Mighty Ducks alternate jersey from the 90s would look better than that picture. What do stars have to do with the Hurricanes? Ten stars for ten years, maybe? But why stars?

salim919 said...

they said that they wanted the actual hurricane flag to be the logo didnt they. i doubt they would let those go. the guy in toronto is an idiot for info on us.


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