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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Demitra signs with Vancouver

Everyone's favorite Slovak -- Pavol Demitra -- signed with the Canucks today. No details are available just yet.

Okay, so he's not everyone's favorite Slovak. He's just Jes Golbez' favorite Slovak. Anyone who's ever read Golbez' blog knows that he's a huge Pavol Demitra fan.

Looking at his posts with "Pavol Demitra" tags, you'll see things like
  • ...our master, lord, and saviour, Pavol Demitra...

  • Pavol Demitra is awesome at many things: passing, shooting, stick-handling, skating, fashion, and Sudoku.

  • November 29, 1974 is one of the most important dates in world history. Why? Because, in a little village in Northern Slovakia, Pavol Demitra, your lord and master, was born.

    This is one of those great moments when everything falls into place. Demitra has been Golbez' favorite player for a while. The Canucks have been his favorite team. Finally, the two have met.

    And there was much rejoicing in Vancouver.

    Demitra won't be able to fill the void left by the eternal Canuck captain, Markus Naslund, but he'll be a welcome addition.

    Now that Trevor Linden and Markus Naslund are gone, I'm not sure if Demitra will slide right into the captaincy. He wore the C in Minnesota, and he might be a good candidate, but maybe the Sedins will be co-Captain. I don't have my finger on the pulse of the Canucks, and for all I know, they've already made a choice.

    The hockey world still awaits news on Mats Sundin, and the Caniac world still awaits news on trading F. Kaberle to Tampa or Ottawa or Los Angeles or Chicago or Atlanta or anywhere.
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    Jes Gőlbez said...

    Demo will easily fill the void left by Naslund.

    1. Naslund was a terrible captain, and was simply moping around ever since his boyfriend was traded.

    2. Look at Naslund's declining production, and see that Pavol will give the Canucks at least as much offense for $2mil less.

    All we need now is to trade for Handzus :)


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