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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jason Karmanos returns to front office

Less than a year after quitting his Assistant GM post citing "personal reasons", Jason Karmanos (son of Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos) has returned to the front office.

According to the N&O, the time away from the team only strengthened Karmanos' passion for the game. After spending quality time with his wife and kids, pondering a different career, he just couldn't stay away
"I honestly thought I might do something different," Jason Karmanos said. "But in relatively short order I found myself being pulled back by the team and my interest level in the game. It was good to step away. I took some time and found out this is where my heart is."

When he stepped away last fall, many of the mouth-breathing masses panicked. They feared that his departure was a harbinger of very bad things to come. They would all say "He must know something we don't. The team is about to be sold and moved to Winnipeg overnight!" Of course the more rational ones of us saw it as just some guy looking to change his career.

Yesterday, I watched a video clip of Jim Rutherford's "state of the franchise" address. One of the things he spoke about was the recent coaching changes. About Jeff Daniels he said "It'll be good for him because he gets to run the whole (Albany River Rats) team. He still has to answer to Ron Francis and Jason Karmanos..." I wondered if he had misspoken, but now it all makes sense.

Welcome back, Jason.

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WufPirate said...

It would be pretty kickass if I could just leave my job for 9 months to chill out, then return whenever I'm ready.


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