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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Carolina gets another Zac

In the second round of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, with the 45th overall pick, the Hurricanes selected center/wing Zac Dalpe. He will join first round draftee Zach Boychuk and the two of them together will be called "Zax".

Dalpe was projected by many to be a first rounder, so this is a nice pick. He was just 5'6" earlier this year, but has had a growth explosion to 6'1". He weighs just 175, so he obviously needs to put on a few, but a year or three at Ohio State should help him in that regard.

This ends any speculation that Carolina would add Jered Staal. They actually wanted to go with the youngest Staal brother, but that plan didn't involve Dalpe still being available. I'm sure the message board types are already crying in their Froot Loops over this. UPDATE Jared Staal was taken with the 49th overall pick by the Coyotes.

Carolina's director of amateur scouting Tony MacDonald joked "We're all out of Zachs. No Zachs left". Carolina's next pick will be in the fourth round, number 105 overall. At that point, Zach or no Zach, the player is likely to be almost completely irrelevant.

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