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Thursday, May 08, 2008

This site proudly sponsors Chad LaRose

I've only recently discovered Hockey-Reference.com. It's a wonderful statistics resource. They also have football-reference and baseball-reference and so on, but who really cares about that?

If you need to know any statistical detail at all, this outstanding site can help you. Need to know the trophy winners from any given year? Easy. Final standings from any given year? Kid's stuff. These kinds of things you can find anywhere.

Hockey-reference. com is outstanding because you can find and sort any stats you want , whether it's your favorite player or your favorite team or whatever. You need to know the score of a game on a specific date back in 1943? No problem. You need to see Pavel Bure's seasonal shots on goal per game stats sorted in ascending or descending order? No problem. Ever wanna know the names of every guy who ever played for the Montréal Maroons? No problem.

I've had a lot of fun clicking around.

Anyway, the webmaster has come up with a fun and innovative way to help finance the site. Users are allowed to "sponsor" a player's stats page, or a specific team stat page, or a the stats page of a coach. Most pages can be sponsored and linked to a blog for just $10. Some, however, are a little spendy. Wayne Gretzky went for $200. Many hall of famers, including Ron Francis, are going for $100.

Red and Black Hockey has sponsored the stats page for Chad "Sharpie" LaRose. The Chuck Norris of hockey.

I can think of a lot worse ways to spend $10, and helping to keep this excellent stats reference afloat is a pretty good way. Plus, you get to put your mark on the page, and possibly generate traffic to your blog. I don't expect to see an increase in traffic based on my sponsorship.

Stop by, have fun with the stats, and sponsor a page!

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