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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Season tickets more spendy next season.

The other day, I got an email indicating that I was about to receive a package from the Carolina Hurricanes. Season ticket renewal stuff. What was odd, though, is that it was being shipped via courier. Whichever the hell one of those companies has the yellow truck.

I thought it was weird, and I didn't have time to talk to any of my fellow season ticket holder friends. I was able to gather that that was the way they sent them out to everyone this year, and I assumed that it was just a silly waste of money.

Today, said package arrived. Immediately, I saw why they sent these things via courier instead of USPS. They included a two-disc DVD set highlighting the 10 years the Hurricanes have been here. It looks pretty spiffy, and I haven't watched it yet, but the jacket makes it look like a pretty comprehensive retrospective.

I guess I'm watching these tonight.

The second thing is that, as expected, prices went up. By quite a bit. My 10-game package last year cost me a little over $500. This year, I'll have to pay $720. However, it's not quite that bad. The package is now a 12-game package, and apparently they throw in two vouchers for extra games. So I'll be getting 14 games. Looking at it like that, it's not so bad. Plus, they've thrown in some incentives to keep people on board. At my level, I can get a free Hurricanes tailgating chair or a Hurricanes messenger bag, or a Hurricanes gym bag, or a Hurricanes beach cooler, or a couple of other small gifts.

I'll withhold judgment until I've watched the DVDs, but I'm still a little sore that the Hurricanes didn't produce their own DVD celebrating the Stanley Cup win in 2006.

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