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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Get well, Richard Zednik. Scary incident at HSBC.

While I was busy watching UNC extend its 53-year home winning streak in college basketball against Clemson, I missed a grisly scene in the Sabres-Panthers game.

Richard Zednik was cut in the neck by the skate blade of teammate Olli Jokinen in the third period of action with the Sabres leading 4-3. Zednik was cut deeply and was bleeding profusely, but skated to the bench under his own power.

The players on both teams and the fans stood in stunned silence as the game was delayed for 15 minutes. Longtime Sabres fans must have been reminded of that horrible incident with Clint Malarchuk back in the Aud in March of 1989. With reference to that, Sabres play-by-play man Rick Jeanneret said "I'm afraid I have (seen that much blood), but I don't like to recall it."

Thankfully, the medical staffs of both teams worked to stop the bleeding before rushing him to a local hospital. As of now, he's in stable condition.

I have issue with the fact that the game was resumed. According to what I've read, the indications are that referee Bill McCreary gave Jacques Martin the option, but I don't think there should have been any question. The game should have been suspended or called. I'm sure the Panthers players would have been okay with even ending the game right then. I don't think any of them, or any of the Sabres for that matter, could focus completely on finishing the game.

There's no telling what this will mean to Zednik's season or career, but all of that is secondary to his health right now.

What makes this even more frightening is that it happened just one day after linesman Pat Depuzzo was cut in the face by Steve Downie's skate in Philadelphia.

RBH wishes all the best for a full and speedy recovery for Zednik.


mrgoalie said...

Just great to hear he's going to be okay. I think the image of the slo motion replay where it shows just how much blood came out will be carved into my brain for quite a while. Did anyone see Ollie Jokinen's interview after the game where he was suggesting they probably shouldn't have continued the game?

Pokecheck said...

I saw Jokinen's interview. Not only did he say the game should not have continued, but when asked how he felt about the incident he said 'how the f*** do you think i feel?'

Reporters should be banned forever for asking a stupid question like that.


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