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Friday, February 15, 2008

Carolina's injuries

I just did an informal count of Carolina's man-games lost to injury this season, and I came up with 197. Last night, Brind'Amour wasn't counted in the tally since he played in the game, but he missed one game earlier, and he will definitely miss the remaining 22 games. So will Chad LaRose and probably Justin Williams. Add those 66 to the mix, and Carolina will have lost a bare minimum of 263 man-games. It doesn't seem likely that David Tanabe will ever return from his concussion, and Matt Cullen's return isn't likely to be soon. Patrick Eaves is still a few games away. There's no certainty about any of those, but for sure there will be 263 man-games lost, plus whatever else happens down the stretch.

It's likely that Carolina's total will be 300 or more, which is what I guessed yesterday.

The year Tampa won the cup, they lost 45 man-games to injury. That's it. They managed to stay impossibly healthy again the next year, but since then they've had their share.

I don't know about the totals for the other teams around the league, but I would imagine that this 197 so far has to be near the most in the league.

Tomorrow, I'll have a fully detailed post about the injured players. Just like the one I did last season. For now, here's a sneak preview. Players currently injured are indicated in bold:

Erik Cole : 8 games
Andrew Ladd : 19 games
Trevor Letowski : 2 games
Scott Walker : 23 games
Ray Whitney : 3 games

Joe Corvo : 1 game
Tim Gleason : 1 game
Bret Hedican : 12 games
Nic Wallin : 14 games
Glen Wesley : 3 games

Matt Cullen : 16 games
Patrick Eaves : 2 games
Chad LaRose : 7 games (done for the season)
Dennis Seidenberg : 16 games
David Tanabe : 25 games
Justin Williams : 24 games (done for the season)
Rod Brind'Amour : 1 game (done for season)

Cory Stillman : 3 games
Mike Commodore : 17 games

In addition, I think there was a time when some of the Carolina call-ups got injured or sick, but the above listed 18 players are full-time NHLers.

Tomorrow, look for a fully detailed post about this.

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WufPirate said...

Please tell me the in-depth post you're working on includes some of your patented injury hogs...


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