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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Grahame on Grahame

From the News and Observer this morning, perhaps the understatement of the season. John Grahame tried to explain what happened after he promised Peter Laviolette a "world class run":

"They just kept coming at us and at us," said Grahame, who finished with 17 saves. "Anytime you let eight goals in, you're not doing something right."

Yeah, John. You're not doing ANYTHING right when you let eight goals in.

Not all of them were his fault. For example, his team hung him out to dry on two consecutive breakaway goals. There wasn't much effort by anybody to block shots or take away shooting and passing lanes. There was no discernable backchecking. There was nothing. No effort.

Still, he was nowhere close to "world class".

Everyone could see the lack of effort by the Canes. Kevin BFLOBLOG, who was there to witness the massacre, sums it up pretty well:
Carolina looked about as interested in being there as my five year old did in the BfloBlog seats. Perhaps had we offered Rod Brind’Amour some delicious Dippin’ Dots, he would have been more interested. Of course, he probably wouldn’t have knocked them all over section 121 like my SonTwo did.

No word yet on whether they were bag skated.

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