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Monday, October 30, 2006

house cleaning

Although I refuse to clean my actual home, I like to tidy this place up once in a while. Usually this means dropping/adding blogs to the roll. That's what I'm doing today.

Unfortunately, Hurricane Season, which was Carolina's MVP network blog is being dropped. It's former author claims that he has a new job and doesn't have time for the blog anymore. The real reason is that he's a long time Avalanche fan and was only writing the Canes blog as a way to validate his ride on the bandwagon last spring. On a serious note, that blog is up for grabs if anyone wants to start writing it.

In the Crease, one of many fine Sabres blogs, has apparently given up the ghost (again). She hasn't written anything since game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. If she's remained silent during her team's phenomenal start, I assume she's not doing this anymore.

One recent add is Predspage. Far and away the best Preds blog I've come across. To be frank, most of the others I've seen are written by 14-year old puck bunny wannabes. This guy has excellent between games analysis and great game commentary. Even if you don't care for the Preds third sweater themed color scheme on his page, the content more than makes up for that.

Most recently, I've added the Ducks-centric Girl With a Puck. Because guys like girls who like hockey. Seriously, one of a very few Ducks-specific blogs out there, and a good one at that. An entertaining read with a very personal touch. Sure, there's some squee, but not nearly as much as some other female bloggers. Because one never knows when one might "bump into" Sami Pahlsson at Panera Bread, she carries an unsigned official Ducks puck (and, presumably, a silver Sharpie) with her at all times. Good planning. My friend Jenn once "ran into" Chad LaRose and Eric Staal at Panera Bread, but was unprepared for the occasion.

Abel to Yzerman is gone (changed URL?), and I think I'm still missing some others. Feel free to recommend adds to me. Sadly, though, I can't list them all. Hey, I don't make the cut on Mirtle's page. Everyone has to have standards.

Eventually, I still plan to have pull down menus with a more complete list for each team. For now, I'll stick with listing the ones I read (nearly) every day.

Because all the cool kids are already doing it, I'm going to start listing my own "3 stars of the game" in my game recaps. Hopefully, I'll quit being slack about those recaps, and not use "oh but I have two jobs" as an excuse for being a lazy blogger.


Bill Purdy said...

Oh my! I hope he's not too busy with his new job to read this!

CasonBlog said...

Don't count A2Y out yet. Last I heard he had some military business to take care of and he's coming back. I thought it was in Rhode Island. I hope it's not further east.

Pat Angello said...

HEY! I took on 4 MVN blogs last season, helping them achieve press credentials with the NHL for having all teams available as active blogs. So, essentially, I was updating SEVEN blogs last year. Now I actually have to work and have scaled down to 2.5 blogs. Yep, Avsfan, but apparently I rode the Blues, Coyotes and Panthers bandwagons last year as well. If people really gave a crap about the 'Canes earlier in the season, that blog would not have been available in January when I took it over!

Also, 3 people have contacted MVN about taking the blog (including Storm Bringer) and it's STILL sitting there, unupdated.

Love ya!


predguy37 said...

Thanks for the kind words and link.

IwoCPO said...

Dave...A2Y will be back very soon. I'll send you the link when it's ready.


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