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Friday, October 20, 2006

Big game tonight. I'm not watching

On Friday night, the Canes will visit the HSBC Arena for a game against the glowing hot Sabres. They'll follow that with a Saturday game on Long Island. I won't be able to watch the Buffalo game, and I may or may not get to watch the Islanders. I'll be in Raleigh all weekend playing in a Scrabble tournament. Three games tonight, eight on Saturday and four on Sunday.

I'll be DVRing both games for later review, and I probably won't be able to get anywhere near a TV until well after 11:00 tonight, so if you know my cell phone # and you are feeling generous, I'd really appreciate updates on the Sabres game.

I have a few friends and co-workers who are native Buffalonians including two people I have seen almost every day of my life for the last 8 years. It's been fun this week jawing at each other.

Carolina is playing MUCH better than they were two weeks ago on opening night, and although they're even more short-staffed than they were then, I really like the way they've played in the past three games.

Buffalo, on the other hand, is looking like a juggernaut. Perhaps opposing teams are mesmerized by the "slug", but you can't discredit their speed and skill. They're a very good team that will again go far in the playoffs.

This matchup reminds me of one last year on October 22. The undefeated Ottawa Senators came to town with a 6-0 record, looking like world beaters. Carolina fell in an early hole that night, but rallied to win the game. Carolina moved into first place that night and never relinquished it. They will again have an opportunity to put an end to a team's perfect season. This time, they won't have the opportunity to move into first place yet, but a win would be huge nonetheless.

As always, Kevin from BFLOBLOG has a well written post about the key game. Due to prior (and more important) obligations, he won't be in the arena tonight, and might not be able to provide the excellent post-game report that he usually does.

I won't have anything on this blog until at least Sunday night. See you then.


KevinP said...

My co-blogger Mark will be at the game, so I'm hoping he can put up a post at some point. But it'll be late.

Thanks for the kind words, and good luck to your boys tonight.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is just a typo and I respect a true Nc native being such a hockey afficianado........but it's the HSBC arena in Buffalo not the RSBC. Sorry I am a Sabres fan and always looking for faults either in the Canes or Canes fans.

Happy Hockey Watching!!!!
Yes the new Slug is awful but Go Sabres!!!!!!!!!

d-lee said...

Yes. Typo. And I actually know that it stands for Hong Kong-Shanghai Banking Corporation.

Sometimes I miss easy stuff like that, and I very seldomly proofread.

I should work on that.


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