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Sunday, March 12, 2006

NCAA tournament bracket time

If anyone is interested in doing an NCAA tournament bracket, I've started a private group for hockey bloggers over at ESPN.

go here and enter the password -- pucks. It's case sensitive, lower case.

No money. This is just for bragging rights.


The Acid Queen said...

You know some asshat's going to take a potshot at you for that, right?

Stormbringer said...

I actually risked getting another ESPN account for this one...used up all five slots for different groups on my first account. So therefore, I better win... ;D

CasonBlog said...

You know how hard it was for a Wolfpack guy to pick Duke to win it all? To suffer through night after night of TV broadcasts showcasing the out-of-synch gyrations of a legion of Birkenstock and hemp wearing future librarians and Georgetown lawyers, otherwise known as the Cameron Crazies? It's also gonna be a quick exit for Lute and his underachievers. This should be a very painful tourney...


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