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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Heels - Blue Devils v2.0

Yes. It's that time again. I'll be momentarily shifting my focus to college basketball. It's the back end of the yearly home-and-home UNC-Duke series. Tonight, they'll be in Durham. Duke is ranked #1 in the nation, and UNC #13. Like I said before, though, all rankings, injuries, hot and cold streaks go in the garbage can for this one game. This is THE game. Yes, it happens twice a season, but nothing else matters.

The game will be aired on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU live at 9:00 eastern. That's right. Three channels in the same network providing simultaneous coverage of the same event.

Once again, the folks who make cartoons at the Raleigh News and Observer have made a dandy about Duke's head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Click here to watch, and be patient. Watch the whole thing.

Oh, the Canes will be in action earlier tonight against the Pens, and I'm DVRing that. And I'll be at work, but it won't stop me from watching most of the basketball game. And of course, I'll have the radio on. What's a Duke-Carolina game without Woody Durham? He's been the radioman for UNC football and basketball since 1971, which was incidentally, the year I was born.


doug said...

3 ESPN networks carrying the game?! That's pretty ridiculous. Look, I'm from NC and all that, and I love the Carolina/Duke rivalry as much as anyone else, but here's a news flash for ESPN: most people outside of NC and without ties with Duke or UNC could actually care less about this game. Really. Anyway, don't they have bowling or poker or the strong man contest to show instead? I hope that there are at least different perspectives on each channel - the JJ Redick head cam on ESPN2, the Roy Williams sweat cam on ESPNU? How 'bout it?

Stormbringer said...

As I said in my response to the post before this one, the ESPeeN channels will be carrying...

ESPN 1 - The UNC @ Dook game itself.

ESPN 2 - The "Above the Rim" cameras at the said game.


ESPN U - The Cameron Crazee camera.

The coverage other than the game itself is ridiculous indeed. I can't help but agree with those at Inside Carolina (UNC sports MB I sometimes read) that the extra coverage smells of Coach K and/or Dook having paid ESPeeN for recruiting tactics. Hey, if they can get American Express and Chevrolet to agree to such crapola, what's to stop them from getting involved with ESPeeN? Hell, as I've noted before, ESPeeN panders to Dook enough as it is.

Which leads to me to say that Coach Kommercial thing is GENIUS!! I'll definitely be sending that to my family and Tar Heel friends... :D

BTW, the only thing I like about Dook is the fact that the Hurricanes Hallway, founded by my Ronnie Francis and the Carolina Hurricanes/Kids 'N Community Foundation, is in the Dook Children's Hospital.


But other than that, god, I hate Dook and their basketball teams.

d-lee said...

I didn't know about the Hurricanes Hallway, but I still have no respect for the Duke Hospital System. One of my very best friends is an RN there, and I don't hold it against her, but we're talking about the hospital that made the HUGE mistake of washing surgery tools in hydrolic fluid instead of in a sanitizing solution.

If you missed it, here is my post about that at the other blog.

Anyway, a HUGE win for the Heels tonight. I love it that JJ Redick had a horrible night on his final game in Cameron.

Stormbringer said...

Um...I never said I respected the entire Children's Hospital, just the Hurricanes Hallway and my Ronnie's involvement with it. ;)

Anyhoo, HEEL YEAH!!! Everything about tonight absolutely rocked...and in my blogs, I forgot to mention Reddick's screwing up in his final game. Need to go do that... :)


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