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Monday, July 18, 2005

Sidney Crosby, Jason Allison and more

I started to write this in the comments section as a response to Davis' comment, but it was getting a bit long, so I'll just make a new post.

I have, indeed heard the rumors the the League is going to fix the lottery so that a major market team gets Crosby. I'm not really into conspiracy theories, but I have heard a lot of talk. Most of the talk is that the Rangers will "win" the lottery. Actually, I wouldn't be so object to that. They're a major market team with a really recognizable brand name, who is in desperate need of help. They're a horrible team with a huge payroll, and something has to give. In 2003-04, they had a payroll of $77 million, second only to Detroit's $77.8 million. For five years running, they've had the highest, or among the top four payrolls. During that time, they have failed to make the playoffs each year. To be honest, I don't know what the problem is. There's some good talent there, but they don't do well. From what I've read, they only have 6 players under contract, and that those contracts will amount to something like $24 million after the rollback. Interestingly, things could be much worse for them. They're only having to pay for half of Jaromir Jagr, who is still getting paychecks from the Crapitals, as part of their deal. Bobby Holik and Darius Kasparaitis are both under huge contracts, but are rumored to be candidates for buy-out. What does this mean? The Rangers could conceivably buy out everyone's contract and start with a clean slate. Is this fair to Rangers fans? Absolutely not! However, they'll be in dire shape if they don't do something.

Incidentally, I still don't understand the Jagr-for-Anson Carter trade. New York Gave up Carter, who can be fantastic, but whose star hadn't shone in over a season, in exchange for Jagr, a fantastic player who will give you a point a night. That in itself seems like New York gets the better end. But here's the gravy -- The Crapitals agreed also to pay half of Jagr's $8 million salary. Now, ¿Dondé Anson Carter? He was traded to the Kings for Jared Aulin . Who?? Exactly. So, in the end, the Crapitals gave up one of the premiere players in the game for some schmuck. Granted, he's a schmuck who had a 108 point season (!) in some Junior Hockey league, but he's still a schmuck.

Back to the point -- the Rangers may have a completely clean slate if they buy out the aforementioned players. Frankly, that's what they need to do. The natives might not like it, but they are gonna have to. Oh, they should probably keep Mike Dunham, and they should sign Shady 80. They'll have their goaltending all shored up, but start all over with the skaters.

As far as Jason Allison, I've heard A LOT of talk about him coming to Carolina. He's now had two full seasons to get over his post-concussion stuff. He's said to be 100% now, and if that's the case, he can easily be a point-a-night type player, which is exactly what the Canes need. There's also a lot of talk about Adrian Aucoin, who is a huge fan of Canes coach Peter Laviolette. With Sean Hill gone, we need another solid defenseman. Especially one who is so gifted at the offensive aspect of the game. He had 44 points and was a plus 29 (!!!) for the Islanders in 2003-04. There's also talk about Marty Gelinas coming back. I would love that, and we really need some left wingers. I, too, have heard the Gary Roberts rumors. That would be great to have him back. Again, we need left wingers. And Roberts happens to be excellent at the defensive aspect of the game as well.
I've also heard a little bit of talk about trying to bring Bates Battaglia back. To be honest, I really hope not. I don't like that guy.
We've got (I believe) only 7 guys under contract, and although we really need to focus on getting some of the fellas re-signed, we've got a bunch of open roster spaces. For us, and for a lot of other teams, it should be very exciting to watch the pieces fall into place.

Of all the rumors about players coming to Carolina, the only ones that I think are serious possibilities are Allison and Aucoin. Although I'd love to see those other guys as well, these two will be fantastic additions.


d-lee said...

Did I use the word "fantastic" too much?

Davis Helms said...

I've heard the stuff about the Rangers buying out Holik and Kaspar. I'm not sure if they'll do that. My understanding of how the buyout works is that it won't hit your cap this year, but if they have multiple years left on their deal, it will hit your cap in the later years of the deal. So if Holik still has 4 or 5 years left on his deal, that buyout could haunt them for awhile. Though I may have misunderstood that. We'll see when all the details are reported.

That whole Jagr deal was a joke. The Caps are idiots for signing him in the first place. Then they put themselves in the position where they have to move him for just about anything. I hate the Caps...

I'd love to see the 'Canes pick up Allison and Aucoin. I'll believe it when I see it, but I'd love it. I understand both love Laviolette. Aucoin from his days with the Isles and Allison from when he was an assistant with the Bruins.


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