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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

justin williams

I've been doing a lot of tooling around on the Hurricanes message boards lately. Today, somebody posted a question because they used the internet hockey database, but didn't use it well. They asked if Hurricanes winger Justin Williams had gone back to school during the lockout. Apparently, the database has a record of a dude named Justin Williams who is a winger for the University of Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs. It's obviously a different guy. The NCAA wouldn't permit a professional athlete to compete on the college level.

A tiny bit of research found some pretty bizarre results. Both the UMD Justin Williams and the Carolina Hurricanes Justin Williams have the exact same birthdate. October 4, 1981. I'm not making this up. Check the links to their profiles.

Very strange.


Davis Helms said...

So, now that Jeff O'Neill wants to play for the Leaf. What do the 'Canes do. Do you qualify him and try a trade? Do you let him walk for nothing? Can the 'Canes take him to arbitration now? If he goes, who replaces him?

It would be funny if he left for Toronto right as his best bud Gary Roberts came back to NC.

d-lee said...

I don't think the 'Canes will put up a fight to retain O. He isn't expecting (and should not be expected to) even sniff a qualifying sheet.
His play was really lackluster in 2003-04 (in my opinion). He didn't play anywhere during the lockout, chosing instead to get fat and drunk. The DUI arrest (about which the organization is really sensitive) will probably be the final straw.

The way I see it, our right wings will be:


We've got some right hand shot centers that could play some shifts at the RW position since we have a glut of centers, but we're still lacking at the LW position.
We may see Andrew Ladd sooner than expected.

greatwhitebear said...

expect the canes to be very active in the free agent market.


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