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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Brandon Sutter v. Alexei Cherepanov

I found this clip on the youtubes and thought everyone should see it.

It occurred during game two of the Canada-Russia SummitSuper Series.

Watch how Alexei Cherepanov slew-foots Brandon Sutter early in the clip, then Sutter decimates him at the end.

Sutter was called for charging.

Make no mistake. This was a dirty play. I have often been outspoken about the filthiness of hits like that. You could say that this is a very heated series and that emotions are running really high. You could say that Cherepanov "started it" by slew-footing Sutter. You can say that Cherepanov should have had his head up. You can say that he should have been ready for a retaliatory hit for his slew-foot. None of that excuses a head-high hit like that. Cherepanov got up immediately, but he suffered a concussion and will miss the rest of the tournament. So far, there is no word on any disciplinary action against Sutter.

Sutter also had an assist in the game, his second of the tournament.

I watched the highlights from that game, and is it me, or is it foggy as hell in that arena? From what I've read it's a brand spanking new building.

Canada leads 2-0, and game three will take place on Friday morning. There may be fireworks.


John said...

Ouch, they've been bitching about that hit on Rangers blogs, but it looks like AC had it coming. Not to say what Sutter did was right, but Cherepanov kind of dug his own grave there. Hits like that are never OK, though. You can seriously injure somebody like that. Cherepanov ended up with a concussion, and I immediately got visions of Jeff Beukeboom, Eric Lindros, and Mike Ricther, and Cherepanov's Ranger career hasn't even started!

Yeah, what AC did was cheap. But what Sutter did was vicious and unwarranted.

Geez...it's hard being a New Yorker in the Caniac Nation, rooting for the Canes but unable to leave behind the Blueshirts. At least I'm not like so many New Yorkers who move down south (I'm talking to you, drunken Sabres fans).

Chris said...

He just needs to learn to keep his arms down. You like to see some fire in your players; now we just need to mix in some sense and it will be perfect.

Long Time Hockey Fan said...

Cherapanov got what was coming to him. What he did to Sutter was far worse than Sutter's retaliation. Sutter could have easily broken his tailbone, injured his back or sufferred a head injury. At least Sutter came at Cherapanov head on. The hit, while a little high, was NOT that far out of the norm for hockey. I've been to hundreds of games, and seen many more on TV, and have never seen anything like what Cherapanov did. Maybe he learned a lesson of what not to do when he makes it to the NHL.


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