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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Your 2009 Kansas City Predators???

Just a few weeks after it looked for all the world like the Predators would be sold to Jim Balsillie and moved to Hamilton Ontario, Predators owner Craig Leipold has put an end to that. On Thursday, Leipold sent a big "Up yours, buddy" to Balsillie by saying that he will refuse the $238M offer. Instead, he is prepared to accept a $188M offer from William DelBiaggio, who plans to move the team to Kansas City.
TSN Story here

I love this. Balsillie has proven himself to be a giant bag of Summer's Eve, and deserves this Karmic payback for what he did with the Penguins. Unfortunately, the people of Hamilton will suffer. I feel bad for them, but they have Balsillie to blame.

The shiny new Sprint Center was built in Kansas City, Missouri for the express purpose of luring an NHL or NBA team to the city. It will open this year, and will most likely be the home of an expansion franchise of the Women's National Basketball Assosiation. This arena is ready to go, and would be available if there was an immediate relocation. There would be no need for a temporary home.

Good for Kansas City!

Here's the weird part though. From that same TSN article:
Kansas City, which recently built a brand new downtown arena, has been searching for a permanent tenant and recently made a pitch to try and lure the Pittsburgh Penguins to Missouri. The arena is managed by Anschutz Entertainment Group, which is owned by L.A. Kings owner Philip Anschutz.

DelBiaggio has an agreement with the Anschutz Group to own and operate an NHL franchise in the new arena.

So, in a sort of stretched out way, one NHL team would be paying rent to the owner of a different NHL team. I wonder how the concessions revenues would pay out. The Kings owner profiting from sales of Scouts merchandise? I'm sure they'd work somehing out.


Bill Purdy said...

It's really not THAT odd. AEG operates the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. Their Los Angeles Galaxy plays there, as does Chivas USA, which is neither owned nor operated by AEG. Incidentally, AEG also operates DC United and the Chicago Fire

RealBadAsh said...

He would be required to sell his portion of interest in the Los Angeles Kings by NHL Rules.


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