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Monday, January 08, 2007

Who's gonna wear the "A"?

Earlier today, Carolina traded one of its alternate captains to the 'Yotes for some much needed defensive help. It has brought to light a question that I think has an easy answer. Who will wear the vacated "A"?

Carolina had been using an unusual system of rotating three alternate captains. Kevyn Adams, Cory Stillman and Glen Wesley. Adams is gone, and Wesley is injured. He didn't travel with the team to T-dot. This means Carolina has only one available alternate captain. Three options here:

(A) Roll with just a C and one A.
(2)Promote someone to a temporary alternate until Wesley is healthy again.
(III)Promote someone to the "rotating" alternate position permanently.

My money is on the Canes employing option 2. It's an easy call on who gets the call. I've already opined on this many times, and that guy is Erik Cole. Eric Staal comes to mind only briefly, and he's the only one I can think that would deserve any consideration at this juncture.

For the next couple of games, then, I would bet that Colesy will have an "A" on his chest. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets it permanently, but I would be surprised if they don't do anything.

I sure am glad I never bought the K. Adams sweater I was coveting two seasons ago.


Bill Purdy said...


Is there ANYone else who deserves it on this team?

Frankly... Brindy retires, Colesy is the obvious heir apparent.

And if you do not understand why, then you do not pay much atention to this team.

tj said...

Didn't Whitney wear the 'A' a couple games ago?

d-lee said...

Yeah, TJ. I wasn't aware of that until tonight, but the Wizard did wear A agaunst Phoenix.

After a little retrospect, it seems like Whitney could be a very good choice. He's much more veteran than Cole and although he's still kinda new around here, he's been a huge team leader.

Pyronite said...

Give it to Willy. He's around for the long run and he seems to take a lot on his shoulders.


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